The studio is an open space that you can use as a white canvas. For your photo shoots, music videos,  tv productions and commercials.







We offer

  • 100 square meters of space

  • huge windows, a lot of natural light

  • large white walls up to 4 meters high

  • make up corner

  • styling boudoir

  • full equipped kitchen

  • set dressing in storage

  • a garage for an easy access and (un) loading

  • in the centre of Ghent 


Or use it as a  custom made space

We build the studio to your needs. Experienced set dressers and constructors transform the space to what you or your client need. A living room for a household of 5 or a modern kitchen for your food photography, … we build it. All on the same location, no expensive unit moves or leaving the castle.


You work in a lofty kind of vibe where you feel comfortable at home. Yes to working hard in a charismatic, inspiring place where functionality is key. Natural elements and soft colours.

Get in touch for more photos or technical info.